Starting off!

About a day ago I went out and got my supplies to start off my art project! I thought it would be fun to blog about it if anyone wanted wall decor and can’t find one that they like at any stores

To start today I’m going to seal my wooden canvas I got at an art supply store with¬†sealant! ¬† ¬† ¬†I¬†will be¬†using the sealer as shown above

And I will be applying this with a catalynt w-06 wedge as shown below as well

And a normal paint brush!

DIY wall decor

For 8 by 10 foot walls

what you will need if copying this DIY are

  • 24 by 48 inch wooden canvas
  • Wood sealent (GAC-100 Multi-purpose acrylic polymer)
  • Modeling paste (Acrylic polymer)
  • Mixtion relief
  • Mirror effect leaves (Silver leaf)
  • Vitrail glitter medium
  • Some kind of wedge I’m going to use a CatalynT W-06 Wedge

Depending on what colour you are going to use you will need different shades of that colour you can use normal wall paints or acrylic depending on what you prefer you can also use both of them at once!

  • ¬†Dark neutral grey ¬†(Acrylic paint)
  • Carbon black (Acrylic paint)
  • Light neutral grey (Acrylic paint)
  • Zinc mixing white (Acrylic paint)

Plus more!!!

I will be posting this before i do anything so you can go out and get the different things that you will need!

Next half for this will be posted in maybe 1-2 days if not more thank you for joining me on this DIY!